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"Women Inspired"

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Awaken Inspire Create is an online video series showcasing the work and insight of creative professionals, inspirational thinkers and innovators who are giving back to their communities, leading others, or raising awareness.

They share their talents and their advice so that we can Awaken to the reality of the world around us, get Inspired, & Create ideas and things of value in our own lives.

We want our viewers to think critically and live out their dreams, so if you are looking for ways to be more creative: at work, in your community, or in your art or music practice; Awaken Inspire Create welcomes you to join us on our journey.

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Desi Sanchez has hosted for national network TV and corporate concerns for over eight years; including shows on FOX, MyNetwork, CBS & Music Choice, as well as VJ-ing for MTV Networks. Desi produces and hosts Awaken Inspire Create out of a desire to bring positive and helpful media to audiences around the world. More at ».


Images from our first story below:
  • Desi

    Desi Sanchez talks about the pieces on display at Women Inspired.

  • Trish & Desi

    Interview with Trish Mayo, Vice President of PWP.

  • Desi & Andrea

    Interview with Andrea Arroyo, Artist & Curator, Women Inspired.

  • Carol & Desi

    Interview with Photographer Carol S. Ward.

  • Bernardo & Desi

    Interview with Bernardo Palombo, Founder & Artistic Director of El Taller Latino Americano.

  • Emily & Desi

    Model Emily talks about her role in Women Inspired.

  • Leah & Desi

    Model Leah talks about her experience with Women Inspired.

  • Andrea & Desi

    Photo by JiEun Lee.


Watch Now

On Episode 4 of AIC-TV, we head to the star-studded P&G Orgullosa "Nueva Latina" red carpet event in New York City, featuring the debut of the "Nueva Latina Monologues" by celebrated author and playwright, Linda Nieves-Powell.

The Monologues tell stories from the perspective of the bi-cultural Latina; providing a voice for, and recognizing the changing and multi-faceted identities of women who embrace both Latino and American culture. Linda Nieves-Powell is known for her acclaimed body of work in this genre, including "Yo Soy Latina," and "Stereotypically Me." You can learn more about Linda at

Nueva Latina is an online platform creating a nationwide dialogue about what it means to be a modern Latina. Orgullosa has partnered with Ms. Nieves-Powell to kickstart the conversation, and you can watch clips from the Nueva Latina Monologues, as well as tell YOUR story of being a bi-cultural Latina, over at, or at Don't forget to tell them AIC-TV sent you! :)

The Nueva Latina launch event attracted celebrities such as Roselyn Sanchez, Lala Anthony, Dascha Polanco, Laura Posada, and Alexia Echevarria. We spoke with Actress Dascha Polanco about her role as Daya on "Orange is the New Black," discussed the importance of educating and empowering women with TV Personality/Life Style Coach Laura Posada (, and Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria expressed how being bi-cultural resonated with her experience as a Latina.

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